Monday, August 12, 2013


GRACE is...

*something you are given that you don't deserve (or haven't earned) ~Dawn

*how much God loves us, to pour out His grace on us that we do not deserve -Gina

*forgiveness, love and a shield- for nothing I've done ~Lisa

*that He loves me so much even though I do not deserve it, His grace is sufficient -Linda

*God's Riches at Christ's Expense; an unearned, unmerited gift or favor that I can never repay ~Sue

*something I desperately need -Pam  
*something we ALL need -Sue

*no matter your past, no matter what's happened, no matter what's a mess today---here is your miracle-grace ~Susan 

*an intimate gift to the heart that goes way beyond my ability to be grateful enough -Kim

*God's mercy towards those who put their trust in Him ~Elizabeth 

*undeserved favor -Lindsay 

*power - God getting involved and doing through you what you could never do on your own -Susan 

*that I didn't deserve it, but received it anyway ~Sheri 

*when God gives you that peace you need at that moment, when you hold your newborn for the first time, when you say goodbye to a loved one, when you are touched by the spirit and able to act upon it -Patty 

*saving grace- I was saved by grace - not something I did ~Barbara 

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