Thursday, January 2, 2014

Up, Down, ???

It's amazing how many emotions a person (ok-me) can go through in an hour. One second I'm excited and hopeful about one situation, the next saddened and defeated about a different situation. I'm up and down. Questioning God, asking Him why and knowing immediately after that it doesn't matter why because that is where faith and trust come in. Do I trust God enough? Do I have enough faith? Why do some things come into our lives, we imagine wonderful possibilities and then they disappear so quickly? Why do I hang on to something that isn't happening? I get wistful and wonder why it didn't turn out the way I thought. As I sit here writing this I know its because I didn't like the answer God has given me. I know that the door was shut for a reason. That God has my back, He has the best for me, He uses every situation for my good. Yet while my head knows all this my heart feels disconnected. 

SO those were the words I wrote last night when I could not fall asleep. As soon as I wrote them, I shut down my computer and was able to fall asleep. This morning I have felt a peace that I did not feel last night which is completely God's doing. Then God gave me another gift- a snow day! This kindergarten teacher was not ready to go back today. After sleeping in late I was looking at FB while eating breakfast and saw this:

God knows what I need to see and hear! He knows EVERYTHING, He has it all under control and His timing is perfect! Have a blessed day!!