Wednesday, August 12, 2015

God, Girls and Giggles

I cannot believe it has already been over three weeks since I returned from vacationing in Michigan. I was there for just under a week, but felt like I could stay a lot longer. I didn't go for what I could see there, but for the who I could see there-my college roommate Kelly. 

God brought us together 14 years ago at Cedarville University in a freshman dorm called Printy. We were Unit 17A, Room B! Two very different girls, two very different personalities, one awesomely sovereign God! We roomed together our freshman and sophomore years and I am so blessed that 10 years after graduating from college God still allows us to spend time together despite living 13 hours apart. She is one of my best friends-you know the friend you don't or can't see for years, but can pick up right where you left off as if no time has passed? Yup-she is that kind of friend. 

A friend that I can truly be myself around and I know that she will accept me no matter what. A friend that lets me love on her children and has raised them in a way that they love you back easily. She is a wise friend, someone who I look up to about marriage and children. Just being able to observe the way she and her husband have raised their four beautiful children in God's truths and continue to be His example to them not just in words, but with their actions. I truly admire and respect the love they have for Jesus, for each other, for their children and in their ministry. 

Kel and I can talk for hours and not just about silly or temporal things (which are always great!), but about the things God is teaching us, how our daily decisions revolve around Him and about following God in the future no matter how hard it becomes. I will always treasure this friendship and pray that God continues to bring us together, to build one another up and to be salt and light for Him and His glory! 

Michigan was refreshing for my heart and soul. God knew exactly what I needed! He always does and I am forever grateful that He is in charge. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. He provides everything I need at exactly the time it is needed! 



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