Tuesday, July 14, 2015


One of my favorite places to worship God is in my car-singing without reserve. Praising God with heart, soul, mind and body. It doesn't matter that I can't carry a tune or that I might look like a lunatic with my hand lifted high. It is just me and God. (And all the other cars on the road, but so what?)

Today I was listening to Jeremy Camp and his song "We Are the Dreamers" was on. The words capture what God has been speaking to me and to the work He has been doing in my heart. This is my dream and I know my God can do anything! 

I have a dream
That the Earth would shake with the sound of Heaven
I have a dream
That the world would know the kind of freedom
That breaks through every chain
With every doubt erased
With hearts that are wide awake

We are the dreamers 
All things are possible
You are Redeemer
You're working miracles
Let's rise, rise
Rise to our feet 
And proclaim the name of Jesus

I have a dream
That hearts for You would thirst and hunger
I have a dream
We would reach our hands to help our brothers 
Where perfect love is found
The world would hear the sound
Of hearts that are wide awake

I can see the walls are breaking
The captives running free
We will walk and not be shaken
The doubting will believe 


  1. Jeremy Camp has some powerful songs. I really like "Forgiven and Loved." I haven't heard this one though so thank you for sharing.

  2. The car seems like an excellent place to sing!

  3. Beautiful song, and I'm a car-worshiper, too. :-)