Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just Passing Through...

Sundays are bittersweet. Sundays used to be filled from start to finish with my former love. Starting with church in the morning and ending with "no don't go yet...I don't want to...but I have too." It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it-like I said bitter. 

The sweetness comes from still having my church family to worship my completely faithful, always trustworthy, steadfast loving God. After leaving church today, I was hit with loneliness and longing for days past. I was thinking how broken this world broken mankind all can seem hopeless. 

Yes, Adam and Eve started this mess, but God didn't abandon us. He provides us with a Savior. He rescues us, but only if we want to be rescued. He doesn't force Himself on us. He gives us a choice- to accept or reject Him. There is no in-between. all these things are running through my head-loneliness, longing, brokenness-I know that I am not without hope. Hope is not a warm, fuzzy concept. Hope is a person-Jesus. He died for you and for me, for all mankind, to save us from our sins. Then these words came through my speakers: 

The power of God is living within us
We will not be afraid
The constant battles rage all around us
Your promise still remains
Your promise still remains

In the end love will fill the earth raising death to life
In the end we will see the kingdom come
In the end all the darkness will be bursting into light
We will live with you forever in the end

We do not weep as those who are hopeless
This world is not our home
For Christ has died by now He is risen
Our God has overcome

Our God has saved us
Our God has raised us
This is the Gospel

In The End-Chris Tomlin 

Yes, God once again knows what I need exactly when I need it. Though I weep, I am not hopeless. The power of God is living within me. God has overcome and this world is not my home. Those who know the risen Savior are just passing through. Eternal life with God awaits! He is our living Hope! Just thinking about this brings a smile to my face despite the longings and loneliness and brokenness. In the end, we will live with Him FOREVER!! 

Here is the video if you want to listen to this song: 

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