Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waiting Here For You

Last night I had the privilege of attending a women's night at a coffeehouse. Unfortunately, it was the final week. It was no mistake I was there. A dear friend invited me along and I said yes. Little did I know what God had in store for me. Since it was the final week, the pastor of this church was also there for the first time to speak to the women. He spoke on Genesis 3:15. I had never heard this perspective before. He spoke of the value of women and how Satan lies to us starting at a very young age. He hates us because Eve was the one who told God that he led her to eat of the fruit in the garden. Satan hates women and the Bible tells us that hatred is murder. Satan is a murderer-just look at the abortions that take place in this country each day and the abuse that women endure. Not only does Satan hate women, but he also hates their offspring. Bottom line, without godly women there would be no godly men. Women are of great value to God. We have a great responsibility as a helper to the men in our lives (husbands if you're married). We need to raise up our children in the way of the Lord (or if single, spiritual children). We need to be making disciples-being mentored and mentoring others. 

We also had worship last night and the song was new to me and is now a favorite. "Waiting Here for You" sung by Christy Nockels, written by Passion Worship band is my prayer to God and is such an encouragement to my heart (especially when surrounded by women lifting up their voices together to worship their Savior). I found a video on Youtube with the lyrics. It makes me long for the day we sing alleluia to our Savior together in eternity!  

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