Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yes love does win, but not with a Supreme Court decision that marriage is no longer just between a man and a woman. Love won a long time ago on a cross. Love won when Jesus Christ willingly laid down his life and was crucified for every person's sins (yes, EVERYONE). Love won when Jesus rose from the grave conquering sin and death. Love wins everyday when people turn from their sin, repent and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, surrendering their lives to Him. Love will win again when Jesus returns to rule and reign. 
Love always wins! 

Yesterday I had to repent and ask God to forgive my initial reaction of anger and worry. I was wrong in my reaction and God revealed that to me throughout the day and night. As I saw pictures of the White House lit up in rainbow colors, I was speechless. Then God reminded me today that someday that house will crumble. It is temporary. It is not eternal. The people in it, however, still need a Savior. They need the eternal love that does not depend on a Supreme Court ruling. So do the millions of others caught in the lies of enemy. 

So yes I will stand on God's word and speak His truth in love for that is what He calls all believers to do. I will not be silent because I love you too much. I want to see all people turn to a saving knowledge of Christ, to live for Him and to spend eternity with Him. Yes, love does win. 
It will always win- here and in eternity! 

Below is a response from Nancy Leigh DeMoss about the Supreme Court ruling and how believers should respond to this decision by the court. Great listen! 


  1. This is good to think on. Its never a waste to think about how God's Love effects each and everyone of his children. I too was upset about this ruling. I sat down with my children and told them how we should deepen our faith and stand strong during these last days. To be the salt and light that the world needs.Then we prayed for the strength as a family and as individuals to be just that.

  2. Great thoughts! Enjoyed the video. Joining you from Monday Musings.

  3. Amen! So thankful for His ultimate show of TRUE love and all He did for us by going to the Cross! My initial reaction was sadness, but I wasn't surprised cause that's just how people that don't know Jesus will behave.
    Visiting from faith-filled friday!
    Love your blog template! :)