Sunday, June 7, 2015

SS: I Am Yours

Change. It can be good or bad. It can be positive or negative. It could be both. The changes that keep popping up (in some of the least expected places) have me feeling like I am standing in a thunderstorm in the middle of the ocean. I am up, I am down. I am exhausted, beaten and barely treading water. Dramatic, huh? 

Ever since I started to ask God to make me more like Him, telling Him that I want nothing less for my life than He does, that I want to completely trust Him no matter what, that I want to have the kind of faith talked about in Hebrews...the storms, I mean, change, has come. It definitely feels more like storms (yes with an "s", plural). 

BUT...God is good and God is good at being God. I heard Lysa TerKeurst say that at a ladies retreat I went to in April. What a big truth in a few simple words! I am going to write them again: God is good and God is good at being God. There is nothing that He doesn't already know about. He knew that all these changes would be happening and He knows that I have a choice to make. To blame God and walk away from Him or to rest in His promises and cling to Him. 

This choice happened to me at 22 and I chose to walk away, to do it my way. I was tired of waiting for God and I wanted what I wanted now. It wasn't the dream I had pictured. This time, I choose to lay myself down on the altar. I choose to trust Him, to cling to Him and His Word like never before. I choose to have faith that He is good even when it hurts and the enemy is attacking. And I'm hurting right now-single and 32 with the desires for marriage and a family- not seeing how it could ever be possible with these chronic health issues. However, that is why I am not God. My God can do anything! This is where Song Sunday comes in and Lauren Daigle expresses so perfectly how I feel with her song "I Am Yours." 

Yes, let the rain fall harder. Bring on the storms. I will stand because God is over the storms. My God is in complete control and I am His. 

I could not find a lyric video, so for lyrics please click here

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