Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Prayer

You are waiting for us to move
There is so much more
Deeper than I've ever known and known before
When we draw near
I see the mysteries of who You are
 Reveal my heart to be renewed 
Until nothings left but You
Only You

Here I am
Falling to my knees I'm crying out again
Jesus, take me deeper than I've ever been
Lord, here I am
All of me reaching to the places that I cannot see
Desperately, I need You to know me 
Here I am

You are waiting for me to see 
All of who You are
God, You are so patient with me
Day after day
Come Living Water, let me drink from Your amazing grace
Reveal my heart to be renewed
Until nothing's left but You
Only You

Let the things of Earth lose their hold on me
Let Your river flow, You are breaking me free
I will lift my hands in Your presence God
Make me like You are

Here I am
Everything surrendered
I am Yours 
Nothing else that matters 
Laying down every one of my fears 
God, won't You
God, won't You move me
Here I am 

-Here I Am- Jeremy Camp

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