Tuesday, June 4, 2013

God's Call

I was looking through one of my older Bibles and an insert from an old bulletin slid out onto the floor of my room. I was busy looking for an answer to Bible trivia on my phone so I didn't pick it up until the next afternoon. 

Lately, I have been struggling with God's will for my life right now. He has given me the gift of singleness and a kindergarten teaching position that I feel is my calling in life. In just 3 weeks (not that I am counting) God is giving me a month and half to recover from the last nine months. I am not sure what God wants me to do at this time. With Lyme disease (and related syndromes) I know that I am not going to be training for a 5k or half-marathon, but I do know that God doesn't want me to just sit around on the couch. 

So back to that old bulletin insert. On it are my sermon notes from May 2010 titled "Excuse me, please...God's Call" based on Exodus 3 and 4. Nope, not a coincidence, but God revealing Himself to me and showing me that He is there and working in and through and around me.

The first point of this message is: You must recognize God's call. Exodus 3:1-10 records God's call to Moses. Underneath this is what I copied: 
  • God's call is often unexpected.
  • God's call is often unexplainable. 
  • God's call is unavoidable.
  • God's call is undeniable. 
The second point is this: You must respond to God's call. 
  • Insignificance is no excuse. 
    • God tells Moses in verse 12 "I will certainly be with you"
  • Ignorance is no excuse (v14)
    • God will teach you
    • You have to be willing to learn. 
  • Unbelief is no excuse (v 2)
    • Follow God despite unbelief of others. 
  • Inability is no excuse (v 10)
    • God spoke through Moses anyway. 
"Mark H. Ballard, President Northeastern Baptist College. www.nebcvt.org

Unexpected, unexplainable, unavoidable and undeniable? Yes, that sounds like the God I serve.   It does not make it any less terrifying, but that is where faith and trust comes into the picture. Without faith and trust in God, my life would be one big panic attack filled with anxiety morning, noon and night. I feel that God is telling me that this summer will not be what I expect, it might not be explainable and it will happen no matter what. 

Why? Because when God calls there are no excuses! And believe me, I can always come up with plenty of excuses- especially regarding the first and last points on that list- insignificance and inability. I have been reading through the Old Testament of the Bible and am currently in 1 Samuel. So many times I have read the words- I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will be with you, I will go with you, I will give them into your hand. How can I be insignificant and unable when my God is always (yes always!) by my side? The answer is never-not when His Spirit is dwelling within me, not with God's power on my side! We serve a great and mighty God whose call I must be willing to recognize and respond to! (to be continued) 

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