Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Come to the Well

This week has been such a gift from God. Its vacation week in New Hampshire and that means rest for me. It's only Wednesday yet God has restored my soul and already taught me many things. I have been listening to pod-casts from Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss about being a servant and from Charles Stanley about the armor of God. Just sitting and being still-listening to the words God has for me through these servants of His- What a time of restoration and challenge! I have also been reading a book called A Woman Who Trusts God-Finding the Peace You Long For by Debbie Alsdorf. I have been struggling with anxiety and finding peace and this book has been a gift from God.

However, as wonderful as those resources are and as grateful as I am for the time to listen and read, nothing can take the place of the Bible. Immersing myself in God's Holy Word each day makes a HUGE difference in my heart, thoughts, attitude and reaction to the trials and temptations this world hurls at me. I know that when I am not in God's word each day, I feel impatient, grouchy and empty. I start to think negatively and things spiral downhill from there.

God's Word is a well of refreshment. A nice, cold drink of water on a hot, summer day. It has all the answers we need for this life. When I open my Bible, God always has something to say and it always relates to my life. I can leave everything behind and be filled with God. I was listening to Casting Crowns in my car today and their song "The Well" came on. This is my prayer-that you will come to the well. That you will be refreshed in God today and find the hope, joy, peace and encouragement that only He can give you. This world takes and takes and takes, yet God is ready and waiting to give you exactly what you need. He has already done all the work (John 3:16). So, will you come with me to the well today? God is waiting for you!


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