Thursday, May 23, 2013

28 years later...

...this sermon is very relevant to our world today. A friend told me about this sermon, by David Wilkerson, entitled "Breaking Away From Father" from 1985. It is about the prodigal son, but has a different point of view about why the son left. Wilkerson speaks about how the son left because he did not love his father anymore and that we, as Christians, leave God because we do not love Him anymore.

Being a prodigal daughter, I had never thought of my actions in this context before. At 22, I was tired of waiting for God to bring me what I wanted-a husband so I decided that I was going to find one myself. Year one found me sneaking around while still living at my parents and being pursued by a non-Christian guy from work. Year two was when I moved out of my parents house because I was tired of sneaking around and wanted to take the next step and live with my boyfriend. Year three, after many lies, tears and heartaches, I realized that the ways of the world still left me lonely, unsatisfied and defiled by this way of life the world portrays as happiness and freedom.

My redeemer, my Savior was waiting for me this whole time. He was waiting to fill the loneliest places of my heart, satisfy the desire in my soul and to rescue me again. God did not disappoint. As I sit here today, at 30 years old, single and living at home, I know I am right where God wants me. I know I am walking in His will for my life right now. Anything could change tomorrow, but I know that God holds tomorrow and if things change, His plans are best for me no matter what.

This sermon was eye-opening and inspiring. The raw emotion of David Wilkerson, especially at the end of the sermon, seems to come from a broken and contrite spirit. I pray that the prodigals in this world will listen to that still small voice of God that is beckoning them back and return to their first love.

This sermon is 52 minutes long. Please only listen when you can devote the time to it. I believe it is well worth those 52 minutes and I pray that it will encourage and speak to your heart as it did to mine. 

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