Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Breathing in His Grace

That was the thought that came to mind when I was driving home from school today. Matt Redman's song "Never Once" rang out through my speakers and as it ended with those words "Every step we are breathing in Your grace, Evermore we'll be breathing out Your praise" I knew that was the only way I got through today. Today I did not feel the presence of God with me, I felt aches and pain that seems to have only become worse these last few days. I did not show God's love to all of my students, I felt disrespected and disobeyed (again). I did not rejoice always, but instead found myself complaining and mumbling. 

When 2:50 came and my work day officially ended, I felt like running to my car. I turned on my praise and worship music and let God wash over me. It hit me that the only way I made it through the day was because of His amazing grace- that every breath I took today was God giving me grace. And I knew that even though I did not feel God's presence, that He was still there, like He is everyday. He probably carried me as the pain in my back would not relent-sitting or standing or with heat-since I was able to finish the day. As I write these words, God reminds me that I disrespect and disobey Him when I sin (again and again) yet He never stops loving me. Ever-in fact His love for me is unconditional. Praise God! Right now I know I am breathing out His praise and that makes all the difference between rejoicing and complaining. 

I am beyond thankful for God's grace-His AMAZING GRACE- and the fact that I can praise Him because of Who He is and what He has done for me-period. God sending His perfect Son to die on the cross for my sins and rising again on the 3rd day so death is defeated and I can spend eternity with Him- that alone is enough. That is what I need to remember-especially on days like today. We all suffer. I just happen to be suffering right now, but that is because we live in a fallen world. Jesus did not deserve to suffer, He willingly chose to suffer a torturous and unbelievably painful death to save me- and you! As a result, one day there will be no pain and suffering! Indeed, He is worthy of praise! 

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